Why I love wolves

Hello, how are you?  I am good.

I love wolves  because they are the colour of a black crow & the colour of a grey crane.

They have baby wolves that are so cute.

9 thoughts on “Why I love wolves

  1. Dear Holly,
    Wow! I have a lot of questions. What are a wolves predators? What are there prey? Are wolves your favorite animals?

  2. Hi Simone I wolfs predators are an elk, moose, bison and a big horn sheep. there prey are a deer, rabbit, monkeys and a bear. yes they are my favourite animal.

  3. Hi Holly! My name is Gabby and I go to Kns. I was looking through your blog and its so cool! I saw you like dancing what type of dancing do you like to do ?
    – Gabby

  4. Dear Holly,
    I studied wolves in second grade. Now I am in third grade and this year I am studying about black wolves. My favorite animal is a dog, which is a member of the wolf family. I liked your post and I wonder if wolves could talk, what they would say is their favorite food.
    From, William

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